Ocean Ladies – over 100 women sail For Cleaner Seas

A Finnish group of sailing women joined forces again. Our brand new project “Ocean Ladies for Cleaner Seas” carries a burning theme. We sail to promote a better future for our seas. To save the unique marine ecosystems we need to act now!

During our project more than 100 women sail over 10 000 nautical miles over the Baltic Sea and all the way over the Atlantic to the Caribbean Sea, and back. On the way we participate in both ARC 2021 and ARC Europe 2022 sailing events. While sailing our goal is to increase the awareness of what each and every one of us can do for a better future of the seas. Responsibly, sustainably and by respecting the Nature as a whole.

We challenge everyone to join us in our mission “For Cleaner Seas”. By working together even the smallest contribution can help us all meet greater goals. What can you do to join this effort?

Collaboration with John Nurminen Foundation: Ocean Ladies -team joined forces with the John Nurminen Foundation in working for the vitality of the Baltic Sea. You will find us at the Itämeripäivä event on 27.8.2020 (www.itämeripäivä.fi). Other events are also in the planning.

Collaboration with Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE): We collect data during our voyage using protocols developed by SYKE researchers, this data will be used in their ongoing research on the condition of our seas.

School children participate: Helsinki school kids will learn basics about marine protection and join us in observing the marine environment in practice.

Trash challenge: All Baltic Sea cruisers, whoever you are, we challenge you to join us in removing trash from shorelines and water.

On board: We will adopt a sustainable routine in everyday life on the boat (reduce plastic, seek for biodegradable materials, environmentally friendly detergents and sunscreens, recycling, etc.


ocean lady muovin kimpussa