We will be the first Finnish lady crew in the history of ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers joining the rally. In 1980s s/y Marimekkos lady team also crossed the Atlantic though they did not participate in the rally itself, they simply sailed along with them. That too was a true prove of Finnish ”sisu”, which has also inspired and encouraged us to join the rally.

About us

We are a group of ordinary women with a slightly extraordinary mindset: a dream, the passion and the courage to join the ARC in Autumn 2018. We will be the first Finnish lady crew in the race from Las Palmas, Spain to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. The race will take about three weeks and there will be about 200 yachts sailing this approximately 2700 nautical miles long race.

We are not professional sailors but we have altogether about 80 000 ocean miles of experience. We are mothers, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends and single women. Ordinary women with an extraordinary dream, to sail across the Atlantic, and we have the passion and courage to do it.

We are however quite experienced sailors, but this is not enough. When we first started this project we didn’t even have a boat. Now we do, a Finnish Swan, but there is still a lot to be done before the start. We will be immersing in safety, navigation, the winds in the Atlantic Ocean, trimming the sails, training of physical and mental health and of course a lot of practice. These projects will keep us busy till the start in November 2018. This project is a lot bigger than crossing the Atlantic Ocean itself, and a lot longer than those couple of weeks it will take to cross it.

For this journey with all the preparation, we are looking for partners. Companies, to which determination, courage, exceeding oneself and following your dreams, have been taken into action. Just like we. Companies, to which something or everything here below, rings a bell.

You are brave and get easily spurred yet skillful and responsible. Fun, but you do understand that in order to go with the flow the work needs to be done first. You love a challenge, you are fearless, without taking unnecessary risks, you value your life and the life of others. You exceed and surprise yourself and others more often than seldom. You are able to make decisions independently in the name of common good. You are ambitious, but you never step on your friends toes. You enjoy doing things others just started dreaming about. You are ready to commit and invest your time and skills in order to make your dreams come true.

The sailing yacht

Our sailing yacht is a Finnish Swan 441. It was manufactured in Pietarsaari in 1980. The engine is a 4 cylinder Perkins 4108, 49 hp.
The yacht has a bow thruster, spare generator, water making machine, Navtec hydraulics, wind generator, water heater and a cabin heating system.


length:  13,52m
beam:  4, 06m
draft:  2,4m
log:  B&G
chartplotter and radar:   Furuno
echo:  B&G
GPS:  Furuno ja Garmin
autopilot:  B&G

Sails: main sail Dacron 2017, genoa 1 Dacron, gennaker Dacron, spinnaker Dacron, spinnaker for hard wind ja stormjib.